Estate Argyros Atlantis Red 2006

This past Monday I had the opportunity to attend the Boston Wine Writers meet-up at the Boston Wine School in Allston, MA. The tasting was more of a general meet-and-greet and welcomed everyone to bring a bottle of wine to share with the group. I opted to share the Estate Argyros Atlantis Red which I had picked up at a local wine shop in Connecticut for $18.99.

The Estate Argyros Atlantis red  is a blend of 90% Mantilaria and 10% Mavrotragano grown in Episcopi, Santorini.

I am not very familiar with the red grapes of Santorini, but this was a pleasant surprise. The wine was quite similar to a jammy Zinfandel – lots of prune and berry fruit, soft, smooth tannins, nice body with a slightly sweet finish. This could be a great pairing for the traditional tomato fritters of the island, Domatokeftedes.

The website says this wine can age for an additional 5-10 years, which may blend the very-berry flavors into a more complex wine that allows some of the island influence to shine through. However, I’d say this wine is definitely great for drinking now and makes a wonderful topic of conversation at a party!


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