Vinsanto 2008 Santorini SantoWines

For those who are not familiar with VinSanto let me introduce you.

Vinsanto, literally meaning Wine of Santorini, is a traditional sweet wine of Santorini made from sundried grapes of Assyrtiko, Aidani and Athiri in any combination. Although the Italians adopted the title of Vinsanto for their own dessert wines, the proper credits actually belong to Santorini.

Today we tasted the Vinsanto 2008 Santorini SantoWines which is composed of 70% Assyrtiko and 30% Aidani. Aged for 24 months in French oak barrels, this wine is of a light brown, syrupy color and has a pronounced nose of raisins and dried fruits. On the palate the wine is of oranges, white grapes, honey and floral essence. Full in mouth, the wine has a delightful, lingering finish or oranges and blossom.

My office mates are not accustomed to dessert wines and as a result weren’t the biggest fans of the syrupy elixir I poured in to their glasses… at first. However, after a couple sips and adjustment in understand what it is they were tasting they really grew to love it just as much as my boss and I do.

This native delicacy is one that dates back thousands of years and is a great treat and truly a wonderful expression of the island.

The 2008 Vinsanto from SantoWines comes highly recommended.


One response to “Vinsanto 2008 Santorini SantoWines

  1. hello… i like to know if you have any idea of a place where I can find this wine. I have been looking for it for few years…
    luis natali

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