New Wines from Greece and Santorini Tasting – NYC

Last week the tasting held at Lincoln Center was amazing! Importers, winemakers and Greek wine folks gathered together to present wines from the entire country to restaurateurs, writers, retail buyers and others. The large spread of wines was led by a similar seminar as was held in Chicago, but this time Steve Olson joined Doug Frost and Konstantinos Lazarakis in presenting the wines. The room was packed full of interesting industry insiders eager to hear the presentation. Once that wrapped up, guests headed downstairs for the Grand Tasting portion from 1-4 which highlighted each region of Greece included Santorini, Crete and Naussa at their own tables. The beautiful array of Greek inspired food options had the crowd going back for thirds as they tasted through the hundreds of wines and chatted with the winemakers.

The real fun started at 4pm though when members of the press headed upstairs for a special Wines from Santorini cocktail party. The cocktail party was set for 100 wine writers and industry folk to mingle, maunge and taste through some of Santorini’s most prized wines. Older vintage selections of Sigalis, Boutari, Canava Roussos and Estate Argyros were presented as a special opportunity to guests. SantoWines, San…Torini, Hatzidakis, Volcan Wines, GAIA Estate, Koutsoyannopoulos and Gavals Winery also made fantastic showings.

Food & Wine’s Best New Chef, Johnathon Sawyer and his team were responsible for the culinary creations of the evening: lamb burger sliders, salt halibut with a aioli sauce, potatoes fried in duck fat and many other Greek inspired dishes that help set the atmosphere.

A special Vinsanto bar was displayed near the dessert featuring the paired chocolate offering from Argyros Estate as well as several other delectable desserts. The Vinsanto wines ranged in age from as old as 1990 to as young as 2004. Tasting each side-by-side really showed character variation from vineyard to vineyard and vintage to vintage. Some of the wines retail at over $150/bottle!

Each guest was sent home with a special gift bag that contained food products exclusive to the island of Santorini provided by SantoFoods as well as a unique basket ring that was actually clipped from the vines on the island of Santorini – a very special and rare gift indeed!

Guests left happy, full and giddy from the delectable Assyrtiko, Aidani and Athiri wines of the island. There wasn’t an unsatisfied attendee in sight. Thank you to all that could make it out and our regards to those that couldn’t – don’t worry Santorini is just getting started!


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