Summer’s bounty: lots of news about Santorini wines.

YOU MAY HAVE HEARD RUMOR that this is the “Summer of Riesling,” as so declared by our friend Paul Grieco, sommelier of the very fine Terroir wine bars and Hearth restaurant in NYC. We think it’s been an Assyrtiko summer as the media have turned their attention to our island’s noble grape. (Or is that our noble island’s grape?). Paul himself loves the wine and recently told us, ” I relate [Assyrtiko] to Riesling in its transparency. It is pure, clean, focused fruit flaors with blistering acidity. I think all great wine lovers want acid, and this gives it to you.”

He’s not the only fan.

Our summer started off with New York Times wine columnist Eric Asimov giving the nod to Greek wines in “The Pour,” and putting Santorini on the list of 12 Reasons to Look Beyond the Usual Wine SelectionsJeffrey Iverson of TIME magazine followed suit in “A New Generation of Mediterraean Wines.”

Jancis Robinson singled out Greek wines at the Masters of Wine symposium in Bordeaux. Epicurean and author David Rosengarten lauded Greek wines in the August issue of Saveur, and loved them again in Dean & Deluca’s Gourmet Food blog.  Hamptons Cottages & Gardens devoted a full page to “Sipping in Santorini,” a love affair between Baroness Sheri de Borchgrave, the island and the wines.

Bloggers also made it an Assyrtiko summer. 1WineDude profiled the state of winemaking here and also rated his favorites. The “Power couple” from Houston, Amy and Joe, took turns describing their Santorini experiences.

We’ll provide complete coverage of our coverage. For now, pour a glass and enjoy the highlights.


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