Santorini harvests wrap up

This report in from Stela Kasiola at SantoWines

This year’s harvest in Santorini was the earliest ever made. It began on the fourth of August and lasted for one month. The yield was, on average, at last year’s levels—about 2000 – 2500 kg / ha., relatively satisfying for the producers. At our winery we received nearly 60 percent of the total production of the island.

The winter rains were enough to strengthen the vines. In the springtime, there were no particularly extreme weather conditions, so the grapes were well protected. During the summer, though no heat waves occurred, it was hot and humid. Meltemia, the summer cool winds, passed through slightly so the grapes matured very early, giving us high alcoholic volume with very good acidity. The intense humidity during the summer caused some problems especially for the sensitive grape varieties like Athiri, Platani and Katsano. Assyrtiko and Aidani, which are stronger and very well-adapted to the island environment, bore the weather conditions and gave us a very good and healthy fruit.

The must, now being at the end of the fermentation, shows that we will have a very good result: vivid wines with high acidity and intense minerality—the features that always characterize Santorini wines.


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