Harvest of another kind

PICKING THE GRAPES is just the first of many processes in the viniculture. While we’re waiting for the harvest reports to come in from Santorini winemakers, we’ll share a harvest of another kind: the many reports of Santorini wines in the press these past couple of months.

You’ll be hearing more about Vinsanto as we slip into winter, a perfect time to enjoy the riches of that wine. (We will soon dispel the myth that Vinsanto was invented by the Italians.) Chicago somm Michael Bottigliero, aka Windy City Guy, gave a callout to 1999 Canava Roussos Vinsanto on his blog. It’s also a four-star selection on Snooth and a top student (A-) on 1winedude. SantoWines’ 2003 Vinsanto is called “beguiling“–a sort of cinnamon toast and fruit cake (do we hear holidays?)

We’ve been tweeting about a video, “Wine is Serious Business” featuring three guys and their take on Vinsanto. What’s the takeaway? Vinsanto is a thinking man’s dessert wine. We found that and more on a video library of Greek wines. We saw that British wine expert Tom Cannavan included Assyrtiko in a video, “Variety is the Spice of Life.” His picks included Hatzidakis Assyrtiko 2009 Santorini.

Pairing Greek wines and food is becoming more a topic of conversation among the foodies.  Giada De Laurentiis devoted an episode to Santorini on her new Cooking Channel show, aptly titled “Giada in Paradise.” She was spotted drinking white with every meal and kept the wine focus on what she called dessert wine (she will get our Vinsanto memo!). The Iron Chevsky Wine Blog washes down a lobster roll in great San Francisco style—with a 2008 Assyrtiko from Boutari after Champagne disappoints. Culinology, a trade ‘zine for chefs, goes wild about Santorini’s locavore movement–a culinary lifestyle that’s been the trend for, say, about 3,500 years! We found another blogging fan who reveled in the unpretentious food on the island, in both the market and on the table. Her wine pick? 2009 Hatzidakis Assyrtiko.

Wine writers continue to keep Greek on their palate. Elin McCoy‘s piece, “Greece’s Isle of White,” in Bloomberg Markets magazine called the wines “Santorini perfection,” after visits to Domaine Sigalas and Estate Argyros.

Yo! Hot off the West Coast judging circuit, San Fran writer and part-time rock star Tim Teichgraeber let his hometown fans in Minneapolis know that Greek wines are NOT your mama’s Retsina.

So many fans. Keep pouring the love.


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