2011: full steam ahead

A new year calls for resolutions. Looking back on 2010—our first year of launching our U.S. and Canada promotion campaigns—we are pleased to note that Santorini became known to consumers as more than just a beautiful vacation spot. The wines became the “media darling” of the year, garnering praise from critics, connoisseurs and consumers alike. People who couldn’t say “assyrtiko” in 2009, had it in the glass in 2010. And our recent presence at the Boston Wine Expo, where Sigalas Assyrtiko was voted #1 by consumers using the Second Glass mobile app, has us believing that 2011 will be the year consumers ask for it by name. Our resolution: Make sure “assyrtiko” and “obscure” aren’t uttered in the same sentence.

We launched a gorgeous web site, winesfromsantorini.com, which has tons of information about our grape varieties, the 10 producers that proudly make wines from indigeous grapes, and a photo gallery that shows the island’s beauty, the unusual viticulture that makes up the vineyard of Santorini. Our resolution: keep our site a relevant source of information.

Our Facebook page features reviews, story and video links, and features such as “Mystery Wine of the Week” and “Foto Friday.” In January we had 44,632 views! So we know you like us! We’re working on photo galleries with the goal of featuring all the wineries. Our resolution: providing lots more content that helps you get to know our producers.

We’re growing out Twitter audience slowly but surely. We heard Alder Yarrow recently say it’s not the quantity as much as the quality of your followers. Our resolution: build an audience of qualified wine lovers who hang on our every cyber word. Follow us!


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