April’s news

OUR APRIL NEWSLETTER, released today, recapped our successful Santorini wine event in New York City last month. Several media outlets picked up on it: New Jersey Star Ledger columnist John Foy pegged 2010 Argyros Assyrtiko as but one wine that “speaks to the sea.” NY Wine Salon‘s Cynthia Sin Yi Cheng, loved Domaine Sigalas 2009 Asirtiko-Athiri. In Food Republic, the new man-friendly mag of celeb chef Marcus Samuelsson, wine editor Lisa McLaughlin says the wines’ “duality also opens them up to unusual food pairings.” We also heard man-about-town Roger Morris giving a call out to Santorini (and all Greek wines).

But we also offer you a chance to hear more about Santorini wines directly from our own man-about-islands, Yiannis Paraskevopoulos, who led the seminar—and has led a new generation of young winemakers into the future. Our Q&A with Greece’s unofficial ambassador-at-large for Greek wines says putting Santorini on the radar requires educating the public about the versatilty of the wines. Learning to pronounce “assyrtiko” will come in time.

4 questions for Yiannis Paraskevopoulos

WFS:  What’s your impression of guests’ engagement with the wines–do people
seem more knowledgeable or comfortable?
YP:   It goes without saying, some years ago these wines seemed alien to most non-Greeks. Most people that attended the New York Santorini wines event knew most of the wines and producers and the particulars.

WFS:    Compared to this time last year when you were in NYC, how far along have people come in their appreciation or interest in the wines?
YP:    Hard to say, but I think that Greek wines have been “promoted” to from oddities reliable wines with a specific style of their own (mineral, food-friendly etc).

WFS:    What’s the message that they understand about Santorini wines?
YP:   They are massive whites with big character and worth having on their table.

WFS:    What further education do we need to undertake to get people on board?
YP:     Expose more and more key wine people to the Santorini reality and particularity. This last event seems to be on the exact right track.


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