Family wineries adopt new ways

THE WOMEN ARE DOING THE COOKING on Santorini—and it’s not just in the kitchen. At two family wineries, young women are cooking up new products and ideas. They’re part of the new generation of young wine professionals that combine tradition and trend.

At Gavalas, a 300-year-old winery, the big news is the introduction of IRIS, a line of eight wines. Enologist Margarita Karamolegou says she always wanted to make a bold red wine—and now she has: a blend of 80% Mandilaria and 10% Mavrotragano and 10% Voudomato.

IRIS also includes a white and rose, and for the first time, a blend of 50% Assyrtiko and 25% of each Aidani and Athiri. The rose is 90% Assyrtiko and 10% Mandilaria. The experimental production is limited to 2,000 bottles of each.

“It’s also an introduction to Assyrtiko for people who don’t know about acidity,” she said. The gateway wines, priced at 7.5 euros, should attract new wine explorers.

At Canava Roussos, Agape Roussos is exploring new ways to modernize the traditional winery without losing its essence.

“New technology is good as long as it doesn’t take away from what you have,” she told us on a recent visit.  The winery is repairing older portions of the 1836 structure with the help of an architect who’s knowledgeable about Aegean architecture and materials.

The renovation also gave Agape the chance to rethink some of their offerings. Combing old with the new, she’s creating a menu of small tasting plates of regional cheese from the Cyclades and local cured meats—the Greek version of charcuterie that’s all the rage in trendy places.

“We’ll also have board games to give people the idea that a winery is a place where you can come spend time.”


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